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Our Tree, Our Flower, Our Flowering Grasses

公開日 2016年12月02日

最終更新日 2016年12月02日

our tree

the black pine (announced april, 1973)

the black pine

this evergreen tree does not change with the seasons, resists wind and snow, grows abundantly in the wild, and has long been the subject of poetry and lovingly used during auspicious events. its strength and hardness perfectly symbolizes the development of our city.

our flower

the cherry blossom (announced april, 1973)

the cherry blossom

the cherry blossom is japan's best-known flower, and since ancient times has been the subject of both art and literature, earning it the title "the king of flowers".

our city has an especially long history as a famous place for cherry blossoms, and our citizens have developed a deep and intimate relationship with this flower. the elegant, rosy-pink beauty as they erupt into flower provides an enriching sense of fulfillment, and as such this flower symbolizes the soul of our city's culture.

our flowering grasses

the pansy & the petunia (set november, 1984)

the pansy & the petunia

these flowering grasses, which are well-suited to the city's climate and environment, were selected as municipal symbols and promote the creation of a green, healthy, enriching and beautiful community.