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Friendship Cities

公開日 2016年12月01日

最終更新日 2016年12月01日

uozu city, toyama prefecture

uozu city

uozu city is located in the eastern part of toyama prefecture, and has been a fishing and commercial center for many years. to the west, it faces the bountiful japan sea, while to the east spreads the tateyama mountain range, including the famous peak of tsurugi-dake. in addition, the city is known for its "three mysteries": the illusion of the mirage, the firefly squid and the buried forest, which speaks to us today of the ancient past.

a friendship city agreement was concluded in 1982, and many exchange programs between citizens are still ongoing.

otawara city, tochigi prefecture

otawara city

otawara is located in the northern part of tochigi prefecture, on the nasu alluvial plain, and with its rich and fertile rice fields has developed into a supplier of foodstuffs to the greater tokyo area, as well as being the commercial center of northern tochigi prefecture.

on october 1, 2005 the city merged with yuzukami village and kurobane town, marking a new beginning for a renewed otawara city.

otawara is the birthplace of nasu no yoichi, a famous 12th-century samurai, and every august the city holds a yoichi festival. based on our shared heritage of this yoichi, in 1984 a friendship agreement was concluded between our two cities.