Let's try to touch in the Ibara city  ancient times!

Ibara city cultural assets center is an institution to deepen interest
in cultural assets.
Our mascots are “Mahorobatch” and “do-taccn”.
Mahorobatch do-taccn

Cultural center dose excavation of the city. 
It rearranges, studies and exhibits archaeological documents which are excavated.
It is an important institution which can provide citizens an understanding of its cultural assets.

 Institution guidance

Exhibition room

Mainly on an archaeology document excavated from Ibara city, exhibited according to the times from the Yayoi period to the Kofun period. You can actually touch the excavated document, and experience copying a pattern from a bronze-bell shaped vessel on to a piece of paper.
Exhibiton room

Meeting room Meeting room

Used as a lecture hall and training room where citizens learn about cultural items.

Work room

The place where washing of cultural items which are excavated from the city.  Here they are reconstructed and displayed. In addition, the work room is used for public lectures.
Work room

photo studio Photo studio

The place where photographs of cultural items are taken.

Special collections room

It stores the cultural assets which are sensitive to temperature and humidity.

Special collections room

Opening hours 9:00〜16:30
Admission Free
Closed Mondays and December 28 - January 4
(Also when a national holiday falls on a Monday, the next day,Tuesday will be closed)
Addres 715-0019 Ibara-cho, Ibara-city, Okayama, 333-1
TEL 0866-63-3144(FAX.0866-63-3148)

Ibara line 10 minutes from Ibara Station.
From Okayama to Ibara 1hour. By JR Hakubi line and Ibara line(Transfer at Kiyone station)
From Fukuyama to Ibara 45min. By JR Fukuen line and Ibara line(Transfer at Kannabe station)
From Kasaoka to Ibara 30min.By Ikasa bus bound for Ibara