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ibara city is located on the southwestern edge of okayama prefecture, bordering hiroshima prefecture to the west. the oda river, a branch of the takahashi river, flows from west to east across the southern part of the city, and the downtown area of the city sits on the plain of this river basin.

to the north is the kibi plateau, a region of low hills about 200 to 400m above sea level.

the city encompasses a total area of 243.54km², and apart from the downtown area of ibara city, is composed almost entirely of rural villages surrounded by mountains.

overall, ibara city is blessed with a mild climate, with average annual temperatures in the 13 to 15°c range, and an annual precipitation of around 1,200mm.

ibara city was closely tied through economics, transportation and daily living to the neighboring villages of yoshii in shitsuki county and bisei in oda county, and on march 1, 2005, the city and two villages merged to create the boundaries of present-day ibara city.

  • Address of municipal government offices: 311-1 Ibara-cho
  • Longitude 133°27' E
  • Latitude 34°35' N
  • Highest point 650.3m above sea level
  • Lowest point 24m above sea level
  • Area 243.54 km²