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Pregnancy, Childbirth And Child-raising

公開日 2016年12月05日

最終更新日 2016年12月05日


after confirming your pregnancy, please notify the public health center to receive a mother and child health handbook (boshi kenko techo). in addition, you will receive a mother and child health guide, mother and child health supplementary handbook, and father and child health handbook. the mother and child health handbook records the health of the mother during the pregnancy and after giving birth, and also the growth and development of the baby. this handbook is also necessary during immunizations and health checkups. it records all the information that is vital for your childbirth and the well-being of your baby. please submit your applications as soon as possible to protect your health.

for further information:

  • ibara public health center tel.0866-62-8224
  • yoshii public health center tel.0866-72-1312
  • bisei public health center tel.0866-87-2010


when a baby is born, you should report the birth to the city, ward, town or village office where you live.

for details regarding the birth of a child, please see "upon the birth of a child."


an allowance for child-raising expenses is available for children until the 31st of march following the child's 12th birthday. however, there are restrictions based on income from the previous year (allowances from january to may are based on the year before the previous year).

amount of child-raising allowance
classification amount per month
first child 10,000 yen (until 3 years old) 5,000 yen (3 years and above)
second child 10,000 yen (until 3 years old) 5,000 yen (3 years and above)
third child onwards 10,000 yen

(the first and second child will receive 5,000 yen per month beginning from the day after their 3rd birthday)

  • this allowance is valid from the following month of the application until the month of termination.
  • month of payment: february, june, october (paid according to calculation up to the previous month)

documents required

  • personal seal
  • recipient's pension certificate (employees pension for full-time workers) or a copy of their health insurance card
  • proof of income for child's allowance
    • required for those who did not live in ibara city on january 1st of the current year (january 1st of the previous year for january-may payments)
  • documentation verifying the bank account information of the applicant
  • other documents, if necessary (e.g. when child and guardian live separately)

for further information:

  • social welfare office tel.0866-62-9517
  • yoshii citizens' welfare section tel.0866-72-0111
  • bisei citizens' welfare section tel.0866-87-3112